Allen Gardens

Our beautifully appointed senior affordable housing building, Allen Gardens, has 50 apartments situated within this community. Opened in 1986, Allen Garden Apartments have a community room, and beautifully landscaped grounds for relaxing outside or entertaining family and friends. Our onsite team of company-employed professionals includes a property manager and maintenance and janitorial staffs to ensure that the comfort and security that is expected by you and your loved ones is unmatched elsewhere. After you move in, when you have questions or need assistance, we can assist you with accessing any needed governmental program, community business information, and more. Additional amenities and services are listed below.

Our onsite service coordinators are experts in life transitions and aging. Many of our residents need assistance in accessing certain services. Our service coordinator can be your guide to resources such as transportation, education, civic engagement, and social opportunities. They can advocate on your behalf with governmental programs and community businesses.

Should you need to call us, our number is (303 322-1377). We hope you’ll visit with us soon!

Why Allen Gardens

Industry Experience
Kappa Housing has a 30-year track record of success built on strong business acumen and deep industry relationships.

We provide housing accommodations that are affordable for our residents, all of whom are either seniors aged 62 and older who earn 30% of Area Median Income (AMI) or persons who collect disability.

We take pride in the quality of our management and properties, which are well-built, immaculately maintained and very clean. We offer 1-bedroom apartments with 1 bathroom, a living room and full kitchen. All of our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Community Stability
Our properties are located in desirable, central locations with a wide variety of transit options. The presence of Kappa Housing, Inc. properties brings stability to the community and ensures safety for our residents by deterring negative behavior in our neighborhoods.

Health and Well-Being
We provide our residents with community programming, health services, educational classes and social services that improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. Our residents have access to a dedicated Service Coordinator, who acts as liaison to critical social services.

We treat our residents, partners and colleagues with dignity and respect.
Empowerment Profits from Kappa Management, Inc. support programming for underserved youth and fund a scholarship program for high-achieving African American males through the Kappa Foundation.