Residential Programs

Residential Service Coordinator

A Resident Service Coordinator (RSC) is a social services support professional who works with families, elderly and persons with disabilities residing in the Kappa Tower community.

The RSC provides a link between residents who may need supportive services and community organizations that provide those services. These services are designed to allow residents to remain self-sufficient within their communities. As the needs of each resident are different, working with the RSC allows the residents to select the services that best fit their short or long term needs and to age in place as long as possible.


Health and Housing Specialist

Older residents of subsidized housing have a variety of unmet needs that place them at risk of eviction, hospitalization and premature nursing home admission. While most residents are independent and want to remain so, many need assistance on a short-term basis, such as during acute illness, or after a hospitalization, and others need on-going support such as personal care, medicine management and health monitoring.

The Health and Housing Specialist, unlike the Resident Service Coordinator (RSC), does provide direct services, case management, or resident assessment. This professional works as part of a team with the RSC and property manager to support aging in place in subsidized housing.